The distraction of a cellphone and safety

Researchers have found that the level of distraction via cellphone is equal to that of a blood alcohol level of 0.08. They have also concluded that the distraction of a cellphone while driving is way worse than conversing with a passenger.

Cellphones tend to distract us while driving, operating machinery, utilising equipment, crossing a street and even distracts us from effectively communicating face to face.

Experiments have shown that drivers reacted significantly slower to unexpected events in the first two minutes of a phone conversation and are for a large part of their phone calls, unaware of the movements around them.

The thing about accidents and incidents is that it doesn’t only affect you, in many cases there are others affected; be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

We implore you to cease use of your cellphones while on a production floor, while driving, crossing a street or even while someone is trying to convey a message to you in person. Stay aware and remember Safety First!