Safety Observation Cards

What’s one of the best ways to check the safety culture within your organisation?

SAFETY OBSERVATION CARDS……It is of utmost importance to check in on the safety culture within your organisation. It gives a sense of where the company is as it relates to hazard identification, understanding of dangerous situations and of course overall SAFETY AWARENESS for the betterment of the company. One of the many ways that this can be accomplished is by utilising a tool called by many names, but we will use “safety observation cards” . As shown in the attachment, it is a simple, concise document that let’s personnel quickly record any unsafe acts, conditions and hazards around their working environment. It is a usual practice to encourage your workers to submit a safety card at least once a day. Not only does the company understand it’s hazards but you’re able to mitigate the issues asap to prevent any bigger accidents. Hence it is important to check/investigate all issues reported on these cards. Does your organisation use this tool or something similar? Will you give it a try?