It’s been a while huh?

Whew! It’s been a while hasn’t it? But it’s a good thing. We have been super busy and committed to the projects that we have been involved in. Happy to be back, to assist and to inspire.

A recurring observation from being present on worksites is that following the safety regulations, laws and best practices is apparently always someone else’s job. Hazards are present in every environment and who better to look out for you than you? If an incident occurs at work persons are quick to blame the nearest person or the work system but want to take no accountability for ignoring safety warnings, taking shortcuts or for thinking that safety rules are a waste of time and money. Because there are hazards everywhere we need everyone to play their part in noticing and voicing when a hazard exists especially if it poses danger to those around. It is also the moral thing to do, to be your brother’s keeper. Let’s remember that safety and health measures only work if you use them, your safety officer won’t see all and know all. Everyone has a role to play. So the next time you find yourself leaving your safety solely in the hands of others think to yourself, “if not me, then who will look out for me better than me?”