How observant are you?

Ever find yourself drifting off mentally? Or you turn around and bump into someone because you didn’t notice them?
It happens to many of us from time to time.
Or even worse, you’re driving your car and don’t realise that you’ve reached your destination and you wonder ‘hmm how did I get here so fast?’
Think about it, were you even aware of what was happening on the roadways?
This is exactly how you can also drift off during work and totally miss hazards that may be all around.
Tips to help you be observant:

1) remove anything from the work area that may distract you such as cellphones.
2) assess the work area BEFORE you start the task. Check your equipment, tools and general surroundings for anything that could potentially cause harm.
3) try to remain conscious when you feel your mind drifting off. Take a break if you need a minute to get your thoughts together and refocus.

Exercise: How Observant are you?
Take a pencil and try to list at least 10 things you observe about its appearance. If you can’t,then you can use a little practice with being able to observe. Try it!