Health & Safety Audits

Auditing is sometimes seen as such a daunting word and experience in health and safety. However, it is quite the useful tool that more businesses should utilise to ensure that they have ‘all their ducks in a row.’ We recently read an article by Alyssa Moylan on Auditing and it was so well written we wanted to share a few key points.

1. What exactly is the purpose of an audit in health and safety? “Auditing is a process through which the business procedures and systems are managed in a well-planned, independent, and methodical manner with the help of proper documents. It is undertaken to aid in maintaining and managing the dynamic aspects of health and safety issues in a business. “

2. Some reasons why an audit should be undertaken:”

– To identify and bring out the strengths and the weaknesses in the current system of working of the business.

– To check and understand how the system of the business is working.- For clarifying if the working suits the motive of attaining the targets set for the business or not.

– To check if the business is well-equipped to sustain in the industry by fitting in all the odds of legal obligations.

– To review if the changes made are able to bring in better results to the business or not.”

3. Why is a health and safety audit important for a small business?”

– Aims to reduce the risk of personal trauma and injury to employees

– For prevention of loss of miscellaneous materials from the business

– For the promotion of the morale of the employees

– For ensuring and bringing in the confidence of the customers.”

Maybe it’s time to think about the last time you had an internal audit done. Safety Food for thought!

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