About Us

Command Safety was always a passion project. It is proudly and fully owned by Guyanese. The idea for the provision of consultancy and training services came from our Founder’s difficulty in locating health and safety training from Guyanese providers; the consultancy birthed from the desire to see a better standard of health and safety being upheld throughout Guyana as it is a relatively new field for many Guyanese companies. Command safety combines the training needed to guide a positive and effective safety culture with the consultancy necessary to execute and maintain safety management systems.

Some of the benefits of having an efficient health and safety management system includes:

  • Compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased awareness of hazards
  • Planned & documented approaches to health and safety
  • and the list goes on

Command Safety offers internationally recognized and accredited certificates from the International Association of Safety Professionals out of the USA.

Some benefits of health, safety and environmental training includes:

  • Increased job efficiency
  • Good business reputation
  • Less accidents & injuries
  • Effective hazard & risk management
  • Employees are able to take responsibility for safety
  • and the list goes on
Our Founder

Qualified and Passionate

Olivia Parris-Bowen is the holder of a BSc in Environmental Health from the University of Guyana & a MSc in Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health from the University of the West Indies. She is one of the few Guyanese that holds such a field specific qualification in health, safety and the environment. Additionally, she is a trained Certified Safety Manager from the International Association of Safety Professionals which has allowed her to become a certified Trainer under the organisation’s umbrella. She is not just qualified but holds years of experience in senior positions in various industries including the oil and gas sector in quality, health, safety and the environment.